Google announces new fingerprinting technology for Android devices

Google has announced the release of a new fingerprint scanner for its Android phones, which can unlock devices from anywhere in the world.The company said the system, called the ‘fingerprinting fingerprint’, is designed to help make phones safer by removing the need for a fingerprint reader or a PIN.Google’s announcement comes just weeks after it unveiled the new fingerprint technology […]

When the system crashes, can you recover?

There’s a whole lot of confusion about how the Destiny 2 community’s user experience will play out when it crashes on consoles.But what is the system that will crash on consoles?How can you get it to work again?And how can you fix it?We talked to a lot of Destiny 2 players to get an in-depth look at what to expect […]

What’s new in biometric data security from Apple and Microsoft, says US security report

By MICHAEL B. BRADLEYThe US government has released its annual security report on biometric systems, and it doesn’t look good for the technology.For one, the report says that Apple and the US National Security Agency are “committed to enhancing biometric security,” and Microsoft is “developing a new system that will enable it to perform biometric authentication and other biometric features.”It’s […]

When will we get fingerprint badges for people who are sitting in the front row of a concert?

In March 2018, Canadian concert promoters unveiled a new system to give fans a way to verify their tickets and purchase them online.The program, called Fingerprint Attendance Management (FAM), was supposed to roll out to all concerts in the country by the end of the year.Instead, organizers say they are waiting until after the 2020 Winter Olympics.The system has yet […]

How to pay for indoor home security systems

How much does it cost to install indoor home surveillance cameras?Most home security equipment is purchased online or at hardware stores, but how much do you actually spend on it?That depends on your budget, the type of home, and the level of security you’re willing to pay.To help determine how much you’ll need to spend, we asked security experts for […]

How to Build a Face Recognition Time Attendance System in 30 Minutes

The video above is part of a video series on how to build a face recognition time access control system in 30 minutes.The system can be used to monitor, log, and report a person’s presence to the police.It also includes a video that will tell you how the system works, and why you might want to build one.

What you need to know about the fingerprint sensor door locks and access control system

Google’s new Touch ID fingerprint sensor is an interesting device that’s likely to make its way to many of the upcoming Google Nexus phones.The system is capable of detecting when a user presses a key to unlock their phone, and automatically unlocks the device when it detects that a fingerprint has been detected.However, the system can’t be used for a […]

‘We have to get the right technology’ for the future of the sport

From the start, Biometric Time Systems have been touted as the future.But now the industry is facing a number of issues as we head into the digital age.One of the big challenges facing Biometric time systems is the lack of a standard for the system to work.What is a Biometric System?There are three main types of biometric systems: Sensors, Transcranial […]

How to get a good night’s sleep

Posted September 07, 2018 10:57:56 When you get tired, it can be tough to find the right night’s rest.A good night sleep can help you stay awake throughout the day, help you cope with stress and stress-related issues, and even prevent a relapse.While there are various ways to find a good sleep routine, one of the easiest and most practical […]

Why the new FNGERprint ZK X628C has a better FNGerprint attendance sensor than the one on the new BMW X5

The new BMW Z5X and the new X5 are two of the best cars on the market today.They’re both supercars, but they’re also great cars that I have a soft spot for.So, when BMW announced that they would be making an FNG-equipped version of the X5, I was excited.I was hoping that BMW would make the car I love more, […]

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