How to make sure you are not at risk from a ‘phantom’ biometric door lock

It is easy to miss if you are at home, but not so easy to notice if you have a biometric sensor in your home.That is because it is often hard to tell if the biometric device is actually a door lock.The key to detection is the presence of a small but noticeable fingerprint.This is because the biometrics are typically […]

Biometric fingerprinting and key fob accessibility: Key fob and biometric reader systems for retail outlets

POLITICO’s Robert Costa looks at key fobs and biometrics in the retail industry, with a focus on retailers like Macy’s, Target and Wal-Mart.The fobs are a way for shoppers to buy products, check out the items in their carts, and get the items to their homes safely and securely.The biometrically scanned tags and fingerprints are then transferred to the customer’s […]

How to use your Android smartphone’s fingerprint reader module to unlock your Android device without the need of a password

A new smartphone security module that can unlock your phone using a fingerprint reader without the user having to type a password could have wide appeal to criminals and the general public.The system, which will be released this month by the US tech giant Samsung, lets the user use their smartphone to unlock their phone without the password or any […]

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