When it comes to security, biometric machines are here to stay, but they’re expensive

ROME (Reuters) – The rise of the smart home has been an unwelcome reality for home owners.From the dawn of home automation, they have had to be vigilant to protect against intrusion.But while smart home devices are being embraced by home buyers, the prices are so steep that they are almost impossible to justify.A new biometric machine that can detect […]

How to change your biometric system to use the latest biometric security measures

What do you do if your employer requires you to show up in a specific way for work, but you refuse?How do you make sure that you can access the biometric information you need to do your job?And how do you avoid this happening to you in the first place?If you’re looking for the answers to these questions, here are […]

How to get a fingerprint scanner in your home

What is a fingerprint?When is a good time to get one?When it comes to security, there’s no “right” time to buy a fingerprint reader.In fact, there are many “right time” times to get fingerprint readers.You should also know that fingerprint scanners are more expensive than they used to be.A good fingerprint reader is usually more than twice as expensive as […]

Sport Bible: Sport Bible

By Steve GormanThe Sport Bible, the new companion book to the Sport Bible series of books, is now available in print, with a first printing set to start in the spring.The Sport Bibles, which also features a new section on the sport, will include all the articles from the Sport Bible series.They will be available to order in July, with […]

When will it be available to purchase?

The latest version of the Biometric Time & Attendance Solution for Android, the first of its kind, is now available for purchase.It allows users to track their time using their phone’s camera and displays the time at a glance, making it ideal for those who want to check the time without having to take their eyes off the clock.In addition […]

When you can’t have an access control company, how do you stop someone from accessing your personal information?

Biometric reader companies are on the rise, but not everyone is happy with their privacy practices.Access Control ZK, for example, has had trouble with its data collection practices.In response to the controversy, a number of technology companies are now releasing devices that will block access to biometric readers that they consider to be potentially invasive.The devices, called the “Access Control […]

What’s the deal with the real-time attendance machine?

The Real-Time Attendance Machine, a smartcard-based system that allows anyone to monitor attendance and pay for events, is currently in development.According to a Bloomberg article, the system is set to go live in 2019.The technology was created by Japanese tech company Shigenori, which is the same company behind the smartcard technology used by Starbucks and other companies.This means the Real-time […]

How to get around the ‘crowded’ access gates at New York’s Grand Central Terminal

As a long-time traveler who likes to see things, I was curious about how people can get around New York City’s Grand Centenary Terminal without ever stepping foot inside.Here are a few things you can do to get out of there.1.Don’t bring an elevator.If you have a car, you can always take an elevator instead.There’s no need to go through […]

Access control card reader for bitcoin transactions

Access control cards (ACs) can be a convenient and secure way for people to access financial information and access digital currency, but they can also be a significant security risk, according to researchers from IBM, a digital currency startup.The security of an access control card is based on two things: how the card reader is installed and the security protocols […]

ESPN’s SportsCenter highlights: All the action as the NBA opens up its regular season and previews the playoffs in New Orleans

The NBA is set to open up its season with a lot of hype.But as we know, the playoffs can be a wild ride, too.We take a look at some of the things to watch for, and we also give our picks for what to watch in the postseason.The NBA playoffs are only a week away, and the excitement around […]

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