What’s in your inbox today?

Recode readers, and maybe you are the lucky one, have a new option to sign up to receive email from the Recode team.The Recode Insider is a monthly newsletter from the folks at Recode, in which they’re all about what’s in their inbox, what they’re reading, and why.It has an RSS feed, so you can subscribe to the newsletter at […]

How to install your own outside home security camera

With the advent of wearable cameras, people are getting ready to install their own devices in their homes, whether for safety or for entertainment.It’s no secret that home security systems have been in high demand over the past couple of years.In fact, the number of cameras sold in the United States rose nearly 60% between 2014 and 2016, according to […]

Why you might need a smart card reader for your smart home device

If you’re a smart home user, you may have noticed that you need to enter a PIN code every time you access a smart device.That’s because smart card readers use a passcode, a combination of letters and numbers.This means that they can’t be used to unlock a device from a home computer, or even remotely access it.The PIN code also […]

How to get a better handle on how the world is working with the human body

article Posted May 12, 2018 05:37:17It’s not that you’re going to find out anything about how your body is functioning with the help of a robotic exoskeleton.That’s not how things work, anyway.The main problem with the Robo-Assisted Exoskeleton is that it doesn’t have any kind of control over how you move, even though you might want to.The robot is there […]

A new way to monitor security cameras at home

More than 60 security cameras are installed in most homes in the United States, and they’re all recording images from cameras.Some of those cameras are in place to capture crime scenes, but many are there to capture the images themselves, such as security cameras.So what’s the point of installing security cameras?That question has become a lot more important.There are a […]

What you need to know about fingerprint scanners for healthcare professionals

The fingerprint reader is one of the most widely used tools in the healthcare industry.But while the technology is ubiquitous and ubiquitous the way it’s used in the workplace is unique.In the United States, it’s not uncommon to have at least two fingerprint readers per floor. In the United Kingdom, there are three, in France, there is one and in Germany […]

Google announces new fingerprinting technology for Android devices

Google has announced the release of a new fingerprint scanner for its Android phones, which can unlock devices from anywhere in the world.The company said the system, called the ‘fingerprinting fingerprint’, is designed to help make phones safer by removing the need for a fingerprint reader or a PIN.Google’s announcement comes just weeks after it unveiled the new fingerprint technology […]

When the system crashes, can you recover?

There’s a whole lot of confusion about how the Destiny 2 community’s user experience will play out when it crashes on consoles.But what is the system that will crash on consoles?How can you get it to work again?And how can you fix it?We talked to a lot of Destiny 2 players to get an in-depth look at what to expect […]

What you need to know about the $15,000 biometric door lock

The keyless fingerprint reader is not only the first major biometric device to be available to retailers, it’s also the first of its kind, and it cost $15K to build.But in case you were wondering, the $3,500 device is the cheapest in the US.As Recode’s Tim Shorrock explains, the keyless reader is “designed to be portable and easily concealed in […]

How to check the security of an Android device with Google fingerprint time card

Posted by The Register on Saturday, October 12, 2018 08:38:25Google has just released a new software update that will allow Android devices to unlock their screen by fingerprinting them.The update adds an option to enable the feature in Settings > Privacy > Security > Fingerprint.The feature will only work on devices that have a fingerprint reader on the front of […]

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