When you want your home camera to stay out of the reach of hackers, look to the FBI

When a hacker gets ahold of your home video, he or she can use the system to access your personal data, such as your passwords and account information.The FBI’s biometric fingerprinting technology, called a “door access system,” can be used to unlock your home, as well as other devices and even computers.But while the FBI’s fingerprinting software is effective, it […]

Fingerprint Clocking, Access Control Hardware Could Save Lives: Microsoft

article Microsoft is looking to get more people using its new Windows 10 devices with access controls that can lock and unlock the door when users log on.The company is currently testing a feature called Fingerprint Lock that allows users to remotely lock and access the devices through the Windows 10 Smart Lock feature.The feature is available to new and […]

How to get the most out of your biometric locks

The most obvious advantage of biometric security is that it makes it easier to keep your personal information secure.However, there are other benefits to using biometric systems.1.Security: With biometric locking systems, the system is designed to prevent people from stealing your personal data, but it can also prevent other people from accessing your information.For example, if your bank account or […]

‘Walking Dead’ Season 6 spoilers, ‘Deadpool’ movie, and more: ‘Dead’ Season 7 spoilers, Deadpool movie, more

We’re still in the wild, baby.“Deadpool” Season 7 is still a long way from happening, but it looks like we might finally get a glimpse at what that story is all about.“Walking Away” star Michael Rooker tweeted a teaser image on Monday that was supposed to reveal the title of the upcoming Season 7 episode, “The Last Stand,” but it […]

Which office supply stores are you a fan of?

The question is, is there a better place to buy office supplies?There are a lot of options, especially online.With so many options, you’ll want to make sure you can get the one that suits your needs and budget.But before you start looking, take a look at our list of top 10 best office supply retailers for 2017, which includes the […]

How to find the right fingerprint reader for your new phone

The Apple Watch is a must-have gadget for the Android Wear family of smartwatches.It’s the first Android Wear device to support fingerprint authentication and the first to offer the ability to log in to your phone via your phone’s fingerprint sensor.Apple Watch is the first smartwatch to support biometric unlocking.It has been a long time coming, but the feature finally […]

When is biometric time attendance required?

When is it required?It depends on what you need it for.When is time attendance in use?What does it mean?What’s the difference?The government has said it will introduce biometric Time and Attendance System, but it hasn’t revealed how it will work, or when it will be introduced.The proposed system is expected to be rolled out by 2020, the Central Vigilance Commissioner […]

Which one of these security cameras is best for your security needs


What do you know about ‘attendances management software’?

A new employee time-tracking app, designed to monitor attendance for employees in different jobs, could help employers reduce turnover, boost productivity and reduce costs.Key points:The app allows workers to track their attendance in real-time and is free to use, according to an analysis of the app’s websiteBy downloading the app, employees can access the company’s ‘vibrant’ network of time-management systemsThe […]

This year’s Nintendo Switch is the most expensive console to date, and you can get an absolute bargain with a Nintendo Switch Access Control Supply.

We’ve spent quite a bit of time this week talking about Nintendo Switch’s cost, and there are some very interesting costs you may not have realized about the console.In fact, the Switch is currently selling for $549.99, a $50 discount from the $599.99 Nintendo Switch Deluxe.That means you can save a lot of money if you’re looking for a cheap […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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