When the access control card reader stops working

The access control system on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone that has been accused of allowing a number of Irish criminals to access stolen goods has been working fine, but it is now stopping working as the card reader is being used to open locked wallets.The card reader was designed by a Dublin-based company called Access Control Technology which sells to […]

You can buy home security systems online, say US tech giants

US technology giants Google, Microsoft and Apple are among the companies launching home security products that can be purchased from China.The companies, which all operate in the US, say the products are compatible with the Chinese government’s biometric entry control system, which has been blamed for the recent mass shootings in China and other countries.The products, which are available through […]

How an American teen used the Internet to steal his father’s identity

US teen Tyler Jones has been charged with accessing an unauthorized computer network in his father-in-law’s name to steal an inheritance from his father, according to the Associated Press.Jones, 16, was arrested by US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in New York on Wednesday after he tried to login to an online banking account in his name.He was charged with […]

‘Warmth’ is in the air, says Apple Watch price

Apple Watch prices will likely remain relatively low for a few months, at least in terms of retail availability, after the company’s October 16 unveiling, according to analysts at Jefferies.Warmest Apple Watch availability, in terms, is likely to occur during the first half of the year, when new models begin to appear.Apple Watch sales could continue to decline for some […]

How to make a new account without logging in to Twitch’s site

Twitch is a site with a lot of controls, and it’s one that many new users don’t know how to set up.It can be difficult to make new accounts on Twitch, especially if you don’t have a Twitch login.But one solution to that is to create an account with a username and password that’s hard to guess.The first step in […]

Watch the ‘NerdWallet’ Podcast: Meet the Smart Home Geek in the News

In this episode, we speak with Geek.tv personality, Joe DiMaggio, to learn how the “smart home geek” community has exploded in recent years.In addition to helping us understand how we are part of this community, Joe shares a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to be part of a community of smart home professionals.We discuss the state of the smart […]

How biometric access controls are transforming public services

As people try to use a new service that may require fingerprinting to enter the premises, it’s a matter of ensuring that the technology is available.But what’s the best way to do that?It’s a topic that has been debated in the UK for years, with some claiming that people are less likely to use biometric authentication as they would a […]

How to Protect Your Digital Property in the Face of Digital Identity Theft

As the digital identity theft problem grows, there are some very good reasons to be very cautious when dealing with digital content.Digital fingerprint scanners, card access systems, and other technology that allow you to easily store and retrieve your digital identity information are a very important part of digital security.And they are being increasingly used to unlock the security of […]

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