How to find the right fingerprint reader for your new phone

The Apple Watch is a must-have gadget for the Android Wear family of smartwatches.It’s the first Android Wear device to support fingerprint authentication and the first to offer the ability to log in to your phone via your phone’s fingerprint sensor.Apple Watch is the first smartwatch to support biometric unlocking.It has been a long time coming, but the feature finally […]

How the fingerprint scanner works on the new Perth train station

When Perth station was designed, the project was supposed to be the world’s largest fingerprinting machine.But the machines that have been installed at stations around the country are far from that.Instead, the machines are designed to scan a fingerprint of someone entering the station using a computer terminal, rather than the more conventional handprinting method.Key points:Security officials said the machines […]

The ‘smart door’ is about to become the norm for doorways

The world’s first smart door could become the new norm for doors, with an introduction of a fingerprint scanner at some of the biggest brands in the world.The smart door, designed by German company Deuter, uses sensors to scan doorways for fingerprints, allowing doors to automatically close if the wearer is seen entering or exiting.In the future, fingerprint scanners would […]

How biometric access controls are transforming public services

As people try to use a new service that may require fingerprinting to enter the premises, it’s a matter of ensuring that the technology is available.But what’s the best way to do that?It’s a topic that has been debated in the UK for years, with some claiming that people are less likely to use biometric authentication as they would a […]

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