‘No need to panic’: CCTV cameras will help stop burglars in UK

By Sarah DuttonA UK police force has warned that CCTV cameras may not be enough to stop criminals who are seeking to enter homes or break into cars.A report by the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) found that despite the introduction of CCTV cameras in Britain in 2015, burglars were not stopping intruders, even when using “a key fob or […]

How to turn your smartwatch into an AR security camera and security camera app: The best tools

Google has been working on a few smartwatches and smartwatch apps that can do things like display location, read your address book, and control your smart phone remotely.The first one is a biometric attendance device that would be used to track your attendance in person.Now the company has unveiled a new smartwatch that can be used as a remote security […]

Biometric fingerprinting and key fob accessibility: Key fob and biometric reader systems for retail outlets

POLITICO’s Robert Costa looks at key fobs and biometrics in the retail industry, with a focus on retailers like Macy’s, Target and Wal-Mart.The fobs are a way for shoppers to buy products, check out the items in their carts, and get the items to their homes safely and securely.The biometrically scanned tags and fingerprints are then transferred to the customer’s […]

The Facts: How the GOP is changing its ‘War on Terror’ policy

A bill in the House of Representatives is seeking to restrict the ability of law enforcement officers to access information that is held in their personal data repositories.According to a press release from Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner,R-Wis., the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is the first law to make this change.The bill would prevent the Federal Bureau of Investigation from sharing […]

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